Lloyd's Carrot Cake

I’ve never made a carrot cake. I may have had the inkling to once upon a time; however, that was before I discovered Lloyd’s Carrot Cake shop in the Bronx… Seriously, there is no reason for me to ever make carrot cake when the folks at Lloyd's have absolutely perfected the stuff. Their namesake is all they do: carrot cakes in various sizes and modest prices, plain or with nuts and raisins. If you call ahead of time, you can special order red velvet or German chocolate cake but seriously, have the carrot cake. I have never nor do I expect to have a better carrot cake. Delicate and unpretentious, the cake is moist and flavorful; the texture is perfect. The icing is sweet but not cream-cheesy, just delightful.

There are two locations, an unassuming cake shop in Riverdale and a café in East Harlem. The menu states: “Bakers of the world’s finest carrot cake!!!!” and trust me, those exclamation marks are well placed. This is a bakeshop after my own heart. Here’s an excerpt from their website: “Everything is made by hand, with no fancy machines, so the textures and flavors retain purity and an intensity... The bakery has an open kitchen and the public is invited to watch for themselves the magical process of baking a Lloyd's carrot cake.” There really is a magic to Lloyd's marvelous carrot cake. The craft and love of baking definitely shines through in everything Lloyd’s creates.